No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonus is a unique gift to the player from the casino, it is given out so that the player can test the functionality of casinos and various slot machines without investing their own money. In addition, this is a real chance for every player to win real money from a free gift, because virtually all of the no deposit bonuses can be played and brought to the real account on our website all zero-sums 2018 with a conclusion!

No deposit bonuses come in several forms, they are free money for registration and frisin.

Money without a deposit is usually issued immediately after registration or entering a promotional code, but you can not withdraw them immediately, you will have to play a wager for the withdrawal, in some casinos there may also be restrictions on the maximum win and the maximum bet. Travel free raisins are almost the same, but the bonus is given by the frispin in a certain game, you will need to win back the amount that you will win from these frisinas. To understand what game will give you friskin carefully read the description.

What is a no deposit bonus and what forms can it accept?

A no deposit bonus is a gift in the form of virtual currency (much less real), as well as other types of gifts that the online casino offers to its visitors for free. This is their main difference from bonuses for, for example, the first deposit replenishment. Please note that nevertheless all these gifts have a special purpose and can be applied only on a certain site of online casinos.

Contrary to the widespread opinion of players about the greed of the casino, no deposit bonuses have recently been encountered more and more often. The main advantage of a no deposit bonus is the minimal risk of its use. Although many players think that there is no risk at all, in fact, it is not. To receive a no deposit bonus in any online casino, registration is required. In doing so, you provide certain information about yourself. Harm in this case can cause even not so much deliberate actions of the casino management, as negligent attitude to security. If the attackers hack into the site and gain access to your personal data, including the password, you may suffer. Therefore, if the casino site looks dubious, you should not be tempted even with no deposit bonuses. Remember about your own safety when visiting an online casino!

Otherwise, if you have chosen a reliable site, no deposit bonuses are a lot of advantages. You do not need to transfer money, and you will not lose anything if you use a no deposit bonus in an online casino. Moreover, you can even win and withdraw some money in your hands. However, for this you may still need to replenish the deposit. Although, most likely, by that time you already want to play, make larger bets and put your money. It’s so nice to tickle your nerves.

Who most of all needs a no deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus for registration in an online casino is the best way to get acquainted with the world of online gambling. As a rule, beginners feel insecure and afraid to bet on their own money, despite the present desire to test yourself in a slot machine, roulette, poker or another game. So, no deposit bonus allows you to do this without replenishing the deposit. It also allows you to understand how realistic it is to win something in the casino. Although you do not need to make hasty conclusions on the basis of 1-2 or even the first 10 games. After all, everything comes with experience, and for the first time you can simply rashly throw down all the money without calculating the size of bets and other parameters. Although … this is a gambling game, which means that serious calculations are hardly useful here. Well, perhaps, when playing poker.

In general, we can say that there is no reason to refuse a no deposit bonus in the casino. For example, if you charge free spins, you will at least be able to try a new game. And maybe, to earn the following rates.

Types of bonuses without deposits

Whatever the no deposit bonus, you can always benefit from it. But, nevertheless, there are several types of no deposit bonuses in popular online casinos. And these species are as follows:

  • Free rotation of drums in video slots;
  • The ability to play for free in other casino games;
  • Bonuses in the form of currency;
  • Free Spins are the most common type of no deposit bonus.

No deposit bonuses for active players

Surprisingly, no deposit bonuses in modern casinos are provided not only for beginners, but for existing players. As a rule, the message that you received a no deposit bonus can come to the email, if you have not visited the site for a long time. So the casino tries to maintain a constant interest in the game. Of course, why not play at the expense of absolutely free gift. But be careful. After all, if you decide that for a while it is worth to abandon the game because of the prospect of dependence, it will be better if you keep the firmness of your intention, despite the tempting offers from the casino. Moreover, you can ask the site administration to freeze your account for a certain period of time and to block the account in order to facilitate the task.

In addition, no deposit bonuses can be provided on the eve of various holidays, about updating the range of games on the site or other reasons that the casino administration will want to use as an excuse to retain its players.


No deposit bonuses in the online casino – this is certainly a pleasant option, although it is unlikely to meet no deposit bonuses in real money with the possibility of withdrawal. Yet they provide newcomers with the opportunity to play a real game without risking anything. For experienced players, they will be a pleasant addition to the usual process of the game, and, perhaps, will serve as an excuse to linger on the site of a particular online casino for longer.